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Valentine Day Combo

Happy Valentine's Day

Share Your Love Of Tea On Valentine's Day With Your Loved Ones

Valentine’s day is on its way to propose, fall in love, to spend a lovely time with your love or give a lovely hug to your valentine. Does that be with just a much-expected gift? It involves lots of chocolates, teddies, roses, perfumes, and other gifts.

Raise a cup to the sweetheart in your life. Needless to say, this day does not come alone and instead comes in a package of an entire week.

Tea speaks, among its various aspects, the language of love. The aroma, both from the dry leaf and in the cup, tells of a future full of promise and fulfillment, as love speaks of the imminent joy that will fill one's life. The tea "liquor" color, when steeped the proper time, holds the secrets of the tea's taste in its jewel-like sparkle, as love holds the secrets of an anxious heart.

The taste when tea first caresses tongue and then excites the tastebuds into their dance of bitter-sweet-tangy-salty is like a first touch, fingers to fingers sliding together in a loving clasp of hands.

Spend some extra time with your loved ones by celebrating Valentine’s week i.e) the lovable 7 days as in the rose day, propose day, chocolate day, teddy day, promise day, hug day, kiss day and at last Valentine's day.

Each day comes up with a special reason to celebrate love. Here's what you can do on the list of days left to be celebrated ahead of Valentine's Day.

Valentine’s Week 7 Special Tea

Rose day

You can’t feel the love without pain, like the pinch of the thorns on the other side of the rose. It expresses promise new beginnings and hope. Its thorns represent defense, physicality, loss, thoughtlessness. Till now love resembles as a rose in full bloom, beautiful and full of life. Express your feelings with a rose to whom you love or want to get a girlfriend or boyfriend. On this day you are able to give red, yellow, white roses to dissimilar people depending on your feelings for them.

Red roses are a symbol of love, romance, and feelings. There are several other roses as well which reflect different sensations and feelings. Express your romantic messages with an artful combination of a fresh, fully flavored Green Rooibos Tea/floral taste tea in hot or cold with the warm conversation over a perfectly steeped pot of premium tea together.

Propose day

If you have a secret crush on someone and waiting for special events or occasions to say 'I love you'. Then, this day is especially for you. On this day lovers propose and confess their love for each other. It is the day to let your loved ones know how you feel for them directly.

Telling or expressing in front of someone what you feel deeply in your heart may be difficult. Create the delightful bright venue set up with the cup of Smooth Taste/Lapsang Souchong tea that gives mental strength, fresh and calm feel soothing your mind.

Chocolate day

Chocolates are love! They are nutritious and can prove wonderful for the overall health of your heart. It has the power to uplift your mood anytime, anywhere. Chocolate works as a soothing therapy for your sore throat, sharpen your memory and protect your brain from aging.

How can chocolates find no special spot in the week of love! Send Mellow taste/Oolong Leave to your loved ones to uplift their mood, and to spread the love. Gift Mellow taste tea to your love and let them know that he/she is the tea time of your life.

Teddy day

Teddies are the charming gift to be given to your much-loved person. They can be cuddled when we miss someone. When you're upset they can be hit and you can also cry out our hearts on them. Likewise, Smoky Flavor/Chrysanthemum Flower encompasses all of the aspects of love. The initial tentative sip of a new tea is like the first holding of your true love’s glimpse.

The attentive nurturing of the tea plants is like the building up of that special emotion that you keep on the teddy. A growing knowledge of all of the tea’s qualities (the good and the bad) and thus a deeper appreciation is like getting to know your love’s likes and dislikes and share yours as you can share everything on your teddy.

Promise day

It's easy to make promises, but hard to keep. It is good to make a promise but we should be good at expressing our love and affection to our loved one rather than making promises. But the fifth day in Valentine's week is called promise day. So make promises on this promise day, but keep the preceding promises to improve and strengthen your relationship.

Also, make a promise to your loved one along with Bitter Taste/Bitter Butyl Leaf that shows when you are sick, it heals you. When you are sad, tea lifts you up. When you are cold, it warms you. When you have stressed a cup of tea will relax you. Tea is a good company. Tea invites the company. Tea can be a whole party. Tea is nourishing. Tea watches over your health. Tea even protects your heart.

Hug day

Share the cheerfulness with your beloved near and dear ones by hugging, not only loved ones as it only hugs which can make brighter up someone’s day. It is a warm and charming feeling and makes others happy. They speak of longing for that gentle touch, the word of love that’s whispered in a lover’s ear, a gaze from lover’s eye returned tenfold.

Sometimes a warm hug says it all that words can't describe. Likewise, a warm cup of Mint Taste/Ginseng Root can say each and everything that the words can’t describe and figure out the true intentions of the message you are trying to convey the feeling of expressing love and affection.

Kiss day

A kiss is the sweetest form of expression to show love. Love can be expressed in hundreds of ways but the best way to you can express is through a kiss. So this Valentine’s Day, share your love of tea with someone special. Have a cup of Watery Taste/Lapsang Souchong along with your loved one. Let it warm your hands and your hearts.

Let the steam warm the tip of your nose. Drink it slowly as you delve into some heartfelt conversations. Feel the golden liquid warming your throat and belly while you drink your tea. Drinking tea is like receiving a massage from the inside – it’s no wonder why we feel so good after we drink it!

Valentine’s day

Last but not least is Valentine’s Day. Make your loved one feel special by spending the whole day with them. Express your love with gifts chocolate roses etc. Since this is the “Month of Love”, you might want to treat that special someone to nice tea time. You could both end up not only increase your enjoyment of tea but, well, you know. Enjoy! Taste the pleasure of that shared moment this special day and have a warm conversation over a completely steeped pot of finest tea together.

What starts as a passing sip, or a casual drink, blooms into a rapture of obsession. The more you drink tea, the deeper you fall in love with it. Yes, tea has been known to capture the hearts and minds of people around the world for thousands of years. This Valentine’s Day, why not celebrate all of those who are nearest and dearest to our hearts with the gift 100 grams of 7 premium tea combo packs only at $88.89.

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