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How it all started HealthZrap

I sometimes love tea more than water, I  have  travel across the world and exposed to doing things differently from what I'm usually used to. In one of my favorite city I was served different tea at different occasions. I began to notice the flavor of teas and what they are used for.  This began my research to positively utilize this great opportunity.  In ancient times, teas were used as medicinal purposes for over 2000 years ago and continues today.   Fresh tea garden present a great opportunity to be part of the evolve revolution of tea lovers. I narrated my experience  to my colleague and we were all excited.  We search for the same tea here but unfortunately, we are unable to get them. We decided to start the online tea shop particularly, for the human health benefits of the tea.  We started the healthzrap organic store in August 2014.

Why healthzrap.com

Special thing about the healthzrap is quality of the tea leaves, and taste of the tea. The fact that over eight billion cup of tea is consumed across the globe is proof of the popularity of tea beverage compared to water.  Healthzrap is an online tea shop which is task to improve the quality, flavor, and authenticity of the tea you buy.  We offer you varieties of choice which would not be often seen in the tea market.  Our adept tea taste directly from the selected part of the world.

In ancient times tea was used as medicine purpose and before 2000 years it becomes everyday drink

There are more than 2500+ varieties of tea and it is not easy to gently hands on every one of them but you can hand on few ones to cater to specific satisfaction. There are more than 7 billion people in the world, and everyone is different. Everyone has their own preferences. While some prefer to taste the fine teas from different part of the estate which are present in the various countries, we at healthzrap understand that everyone has their own cup of preference.

Our Product

We sell a wide range of world tea including green, black, white, flavored and herbal infusions. Each teas that we sell has been carefully sourced and chosen on the qualities of the taste, authenticity, purpose and fair trade