Heart Support Tea

The Heart support tea is extracted from the herbal tea leaf. It helps your body to reduce the chance of having heart disease naturally. The Heart Support Tea is farm fresh tea with high-quality organic preparation. It's not meant to replace your Prescription. It's meant to only help your body's natural ability to process naturally and get rid of unwanted body toxic. (Seek your Physician's Advise) Green tea helps us cater to certain needs in our body, and using Heart support Tea as a lifestyle will reduce our of unhealthy living. 

Product Ingredient:

Lapsang Souchong


Helps To strengthen Heart Muscles. Helps to reduce chances of Heart Issues.

Preparation Tips;
Boil For 3-5 Minutes At 140-160 Degrees 


Hangzhou Province

Smooth Taste

Grams To Cups:

2-3 Grams To Make A Cup, Depends On Cup Size


Caffeine Content:



Tea Consumption Time:

Throughout The Day After Meals At Minimum



No Expiry, Older The Tea Gets The Better It Is.

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Heart Support Tea

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This herbal tea helps you to reduce your chances of Heart issues, It's not meant to replace your Pre..