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Immune Boosting Tea

Immune Boosting Tea

Build up your immunity with these tea varieties, Stay away from Viruses!

A special selection to boost up your defenses. Boost up your body's natural defenses through a calming and soothing cup of tea. These caffeine-free loose leaf teas will comfort and strengthen you all day long. When searching for boosting your immunity, you need to start integrating green tea into your daily diet and begin reaping its benefits for your immune system.

All of our tea bases come from reputable tea suppliers and the stock was imported prior to October 2019, and subsequently, the virus outbreak. Tea is full of antioxidants, polyphenols, and flavonoids that strengthen our immune systems and fight infection, which is essential to keeping your body strong and healthy through this Covid-19 pandemic.

Check out our selection of the best traditional immunity-boosting green teas.

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Bitter Butyl Leaf Tea

The Diabetics Tea is extracted from farm-fresh Bitter Butyl Leaf. This tea leaf has many benefits fo..


Burdock Root Tea

The Herbal tea is cultivated on a mountainous landscape hills plantations for quality growth. It is ..


Chrysanthemum Flower Tea

This Green Tea in the long term helps to clear eyes for better sight. The Herbal tea is cultivated..


Ginseng Root Tea

Male enhancement assistance for long-lasting stamina, expanding the duration of sexual libido and sa..


Lapsang Souchong Tea

This herbal tea helps you to reduce your chances of Heart issues, It's not meant to replace your Pre..


Oolong Leave Tea

The Organic Body purifying Tea helps to purify our body system from unwanted fats and bacteria which..


Rose Bud Tea

Herbal blood circulation tea has been extorted from the farm-fresh tea leaf. This t..


Shu Pu Leaf Tea

Fresh Organic Green Tea Extracted From The Green Tea Leaf Garden. Green Tea Helps You To G..