High Blood Pressure Green Tea

To bring your blood pressure under control, it's highly recommended to go about it, using natural products. The blood pressure green tea is extracted from the farm fresh Shu Pu Leaf, it helps to maintain healthy blood pressure. It also helps to prevent strokes, hypertension and all other high blood pressure diseases. A daily lifestyle use of the tea will gradually help to normalize your blood pressure. It is surely worth it to confirm its effectiveness.

Product Ingredient:

Green Tea (Shu Pu Leaf)


It helps you to maintain healthy blood pressure. it helps to reduce the chance of stroke or hypertension.

Preparation Tips;
Boil for 4-5 minutes At 190-210 Degrees 

Yunnan Province

Grams To Cups:

2-3 Grams To Make A Cup, Depends On Cup Size

Caffeine Content:


Tea Consumption Time:

Throughout The Day After Meals At Minimum


No Expiry, Older The Tea Gets The Better It Is.

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    High Blood Pressure Green Tea

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