Herbal Mensuration pain relief tea helps to reduce menstrual pain and cramps during mensuration cycle. It does this by helping a good blood flow around the tummy area. Good blood circulation has an important role in healthy living, it allowed us to have a sound healthy living and less pain during Menstrual period. Taking the tea is a continual exercise to help the body. This product is not meant to replace our Prescription, It's only meant to help our body's natural ability to process naturally and get rid of unwanted body pains. (Seek your Physician's Advise) Green tea helps us to cater to certain needs in our body and using Herbal Blood Circulation and Herbal Mensuration Pain Relief Tea as a lifestyle will increase our chances of healthy living and a painless lifestyle.

Product Ingredient:

Rose Bud


Improves blood flow circulation. Helps to reduce body pain. Helps to reduce Menstruation pains.

Preparation Tips;
Boil For 3-5 Minutes At 200-210 Degrees 

Herbal Menstruation Pain Relief Tea

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