-15% Body Pain Relief Green Tea

The Herbal tea is cultivated on a mountainous landscape hills plantations for quality growth. It is a farm-fresh green tea that is dried up for long-time preservation. The tea tastes nice with sweat smell. It helps to reduce body pain naturally without any side effects. Consistency is the key to having a desirable result. Long term goals should be set and monitored for confirmation and effectiveness of this product. Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Product Ingredient:

Ginseng Root


Helps to strengthen body muscles. Help reduce the chance of body aches.

Preparation Tips;
Boil For 3-5 Minutes At 180-200 Degrees 


Zhejiang Province

Grams To Cups:

2-3 Grams To Make A Cup, Depends On Cup Size


Caffeine Content:



Tea Consumption Time:

Throughout The Day After Meals At Minimum



No Expiry, Older The Tea Gets The Better It Is.

Body Pain Relief Green Tea

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